COCOCHOCO ORIGINAL keratin treatment

12 Week Blowdry

COCOCHOCO Original is formulated to deal with challenging, damaged, dark and/or thick hair. The treatment is based on cocoa beans which improves health of the hair, increase growth and ensure the treatment will last.

Original Cocochoco Keratin combines natural protein keratin, which rebuilds, restores and nourishes the hair thanks to the rich content of natural ingredients – mostly cocoa extract, which activates keratin within the hair structure. The ingredients penetrate deep into the hair fiber, eliminating defects and unifying its structure on the whole length. With Keratin original it is possible to achieve long lasting, strong straightened hair effect. This professional product provides gloss, glitter and softness of hair for a long time (the effect lasts up to 4 months).

COCOCHOCO ORIGNAL keratin is suitable for:

  • strongly frizzy hair
  • heavily damaged hair
  • hair dyed in various shades
  • curly hair
  • unruly hair
  • hair difficult to do
  • rough and dull hair


  • it straightens and smooths out any kind of hair, even unruly or heavily curled
  • it does not change the hair color, Cocochoco Original intensifies and strengthens the color
  • it is a condensed, ultra nourishing product for regeneration and intensive hair straightening
  • it provides a unique softness and smoothness on the entire length of hair
  • it is safe to use, does not contain toxic substances – formaldehyde and allergens
  • besides the regeneration, another effect of the Keratin Hair Straightening treatment is an intensive and efficient straightening of the hair on its entire length. It lasts between 3-5 months (depending on the type of hair)


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